Viljoen Jewellers

Viljoen Jewellers


Viljoen’s history:

“Wearing jewellery is not an exceptional daily ritual. The process of creating it, however, is. When we create a special piece for someone, we become part of his or her story. That is why we pour so much serious thought and effort into the creation process at Viljoen Jewellers. It is not merely a professional relationship with the client, but also a relationship with the raw materials, the design and the story that surrounds the moment.”


“Our stories are inextricably interwoven. What you do is part of my story; What I do is part of yours”


– Daniel Taylor –



For me: “Every piece of jewellery tells a story!”


Before lockdown I had the privilege of shooting with Viljoen Jewellers to show off their unique and exquisite collections! Each piece of jewellery is carefully designed and only made with the finest materials. It was such a honour doing this shoot for them!


Model: Marizaan Du Toit | MUAH: Anne-Mart Hair and Make Up | Clothes: Stephen Van Eeden


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